WeightShift Club - Exclusive 6 week weight-loss programme run by Experts

The average weight loss for each participant of the first WeightShift Club was 7lbs in 5 weeks. The average body inch loss was 13.75inches, including a 4 inch decrease in waist size.
The average weight loss for each participant of the second WeightShift Club was 8lbs in 5 weeks. The average body inch loss was 14inches, including a 4.5 inch decrease in waist size.

'The new eating plan has been surprisingly easy to shift into. And the exercise was more enjoyable than I thought! And it was a relief how friendly and supportive the atmosphere was'.
'I loved it all - the nutrition information from Kirsten which has been invaluable and the coaching by Vicky was fab. I feel that you have really helped me to change my food/exercise regime and I feel equipped now to keep it going'.
'The education on what food types to eat and combinations to have, have given me a vastly varied and satisfying diet- which does not leave me hungry'.
"I have achieved weight loss, more energy and am happier! I feel much more educated on what foods I should/shouldn't eat which makes me feel much more empowered & optimistic about future health."
"I am very happy with my results. It has cleared up a lot of myths about nutrition, weight loss & healthy eating habits & given me practical information which I can incorporate into my daily routine!"
"My cardiologist said on Wednesday that my blood pressure was really good and I didn't need to go back and see him for a year. He said to keep up the good work! My diastolic blood pressure was 98 when Vicky took it at the beginning of the course and it's now in the low 70s. Massive improvement!"
"Thanks so much, you really have made such a difference! :)"
"I have found it very informative and have finally learnt so much I always wanted to know!"
‘I was delighted with the course and really looked forward to every session. I was not in a happy place weight wise and was delighted to have made the progress that I did. I liked the ratio of information to exercise and the combination of both advice coupled with the social element and the group’s enthusiasm.’
‘Following the diet plan has been easy and interesting to try different ways of eating. I would recommend WeightShift Club.’
‘The two of you worked well together to facilitate the group, there was a good balance of nutrition and exercise, and it felt very informal and supportive.‘
‘I loved the exercises – haven't done upper body work for a long time and it was good to get that going again, and learn some new exercises. I feel much better for it. I learned lots of useful little nuggets of information about healthy eating, and those will stay with me now.’
I've lost half a stone and reduced my waist measurement by three and a half inches. I feel so much better! So thank you both, it's made a real difference.'