WeightShift Club - Exclusive 6 week weight-loss programme run by Experts
What's Included in the WeightShift Club
The WeightShift Club is an Exclusive 6 week weight loss programme combining cutting edge Exercise and Nutrition. No gym membership required!
We provide:
Proven ways to shift weight by an experienced nutritionist
  • Small group personal training during the meeting
  • Quick and easy exercise plans to help you tone and burn fat
  • Ways to beat those cravings
  • No calorie counting or going hungry
  • Learn how to lose stubborn belly fat & reduce associated health risks
  • Discover ways to increase energy & well-being
  • Help with conquering emotional / comfort eating
  • Ways to maintain weight loss long-term
  • Shopping lists, hand outs, exercise programmes & menus all included!
  • Weekly food diary analysis
  • A fun environment, support, motivation & encouragement
Our Nutritionist will cover various topics, including:
Common myths about weight-loss
Blood sugar & insulin control
Weight around the middle
Eating fat
Emotional / comfort eating
Long term weight-management and more.
The nutritional programme will be broken down into weekly stages making it easier to follow and to maximise the benefits. You will also receive shopping lists, food plans, weekly handouts and golden rules to keep it straightforward.
Our Personal Trainer will lead you through a weekly fun and effective group exercise session. You will receive a Fitness Handbook which covers an array of topics including:
Exercises you should know forever
Your Genetics and Body types
Programme Ingredients
Exercise Glossary
During each meeting you will also receive your individual exercise plans to take away which you can easily complete in the comfort of your own home.
No gimmicks, just the best advice
and individualised training
to reach your personal goals.